Angel_F 's digital mind

explore the mind of the young Artificial Intelligence and experience new possibilities for a social and connective search engine.

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1) Enter words

type words here to see if they are in Angel_F's digital mind, on the right.

2) Choose words

these are the words in Angel_F's digital mind, relative to the ones you wrote on the left.

3) Compose!

Use the dropdown list to add other words to your sentence. These are the words that Angel_F sees as a possible continuation of your sentence. They are selected by analyzing the sentences contained in hundreds of blogs!

4) Look!

These are the media files that Angel_F found on the web about the words composing your sentence above. The list is dynamically created by analyzing many social networks and blogs.

Angel_F is a young artificial intelligence, son of Derrick de Kerckhove and the Biodoll. You can find more information on the blog.
These are the sources of information we currently use to feed Angel_F's digital mind:

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